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Japan With Kids: Our Family Travels To Japan to Experience The Best of Spring Season and Tokyo Disney

We recently returned from a family holiday to Japan! It was an amazing and unforgettable experience - seeing the cherry blossoms, experiencing the magic of Tokyo Disney, exploring Universal Studios in Osaka and visiting the many temples and historical sites across Japan - memories I will cherish forever.

The people of Japan are so friendly, helpful and welcoming, the country is exceptionally clean and it is very safe - making it the perfect choice for a family holiday destination. Japan itself is a quite a large and populous country, spanning over 3,000kms with a population of over 126 million ( data). Japan offers a range of experiences for travellers young and old - from historical masterpieces, awe-inspiring landmarks, built up cities, waterfront views and fun-filled amusement parks. It is well serviced by excellent public transport infrastructure, easily accessible pedestrian walkways (perfect for prams and young explorers), and offers plenty of stunning parks and green open spaces to explore. 

Below I share some of my favourite parts of our Japan adventure:


Encompassing over 30% of Japan’s total population (, the bustling city of Tokyo and surrounding prefectures are the perfect place for excited travellers to experience the essence of Japan.  

There’s so much to see and do in Tokyo and surrounding areas, we would recommend allowing for at least one full week. Tokyo is the perfect walkable city with world-class public transport options from trains, to buses, to subways and the humble (yet slightly expensive) taxi service.

Tokyo Station is quite easy to navigate, with plenty of maps illustrating the various train lines, allowing you easy access to the region’s many sights and landmarks. There are also many lifts throughout the station, making it easily accessible for parents with prams. Many delicious treats and nourishing meals can also be found within Tokyo Station too - perfect for hungry travellers!

Tokyo’s Bay area is where the magic is at, with the area being home to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea. An easy train ride via Tokyo Station (using the JR Keiyo Line to Maihama Station), the Disney Resort area itself is serviced by the wonderful Disney Resort Line - a Mickey Mouse themed train and bus line. Tokyo Disneyland and especially the Disneysea theme park (as it is unique to Japan) are a must visit if you are in Japan with your family.

Top Sights to See and Experience with Kids in Tokyo, Japan:

  • Visit the historical sites of the Meiji Jingu Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and the Imperial Palace.

  • Take a stroll in the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens, filled with cherry blossoms during springtime.

  • Explore Tokyo City by foot - take in the breathtaking views via Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree.

  • Visit the breathtaking Mount Fuji.

  • Take in the majestical rows of cherry blossoms with a picnic and stop by the Zoo at Ueno Onshi Park.

  • Ride on the trains at Tokyo Station - there’s so many different models of trains to see - it’s great for train lovers! Don’t miss the opportunity to travel on one of the fastest trains in the world, the Shinkansen (also known as the '“bullet train”).

  • Enjoy sushi, shopping and waterfront views in Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay.

  • Experience the magic of Disney in Tokyo Bay with a visit to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneysea and a stay at one of the Disney Resorts.

Best Vegan (or Vegetarian) Restaurant or Cafes in Tokyo:

  • T’s Tan Tan - serving vegan ramen and other delicious vegan foods within Tokyo Station: 〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Marunouchi, 1 Chome−9−1 JR東京駅(改札内)KeiyoStreet内 1階

  • Raw Life Ginza - serving raw vegan delights at Yurakucho Station, Tokyo: 銀座2-4-19 浅野第3ビル 7F 中央区, 北海道 〒104-0061 Japan

  • Organic Cafe LuLu - a cafe serving organic meals (no egg and no dairy!) with a children’s playarea in Kiba, Tokyo: 東京都江東区木場5-6-30 Kiba, Koto-Ku, Tokyo


Famous for it’s historical temples and beautiful landscapes, Kyoto is the perfect place to experience Japan’s traditional beauty. With plenty of temples and shrines to visit, stunning cherry blossoms blooming and traditional architecture to behold, Kyoto is a must-see on your visit to Japan.

Sights to See and Experience with Kids in Kyoto, Japan:

  • Take in the historical Kiyomizu-dera temple.

  • Explore the amazing Fushimi Inari Shrine with it’s famous red gates.

  • Stroll the streets of Kyoto’s historical Gion District.

  • Walk the Philosophers Path amongst the beautiful cherry blossoms.

  • Visit the Arashiyama bamboo forest and nearby Tenryu-ji Temple.

  • Explore the grounds of the Kinkaku-ji Temple.

  • Experience Kyoto’s Railway Museum - a delight for train lovers!

Best Vegan (or Vegetarian) Restaurant or Cafes in Kyoto:

  • Veg Out - serving a range of vegan options, with a full vegan menu: 〒600-8133 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, 七条通加茂川筋西入ル稲荷町448 鴨川ビル1F

  • Mumokuteki Cafe - a trendy cafe serving vegetarian and vegan meals in downtown Kyoto: 2F Human Forum Bld., 351 Iseya-cho, Gokomochi-dori-Rokkaku-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, 中京区御幸町通六角下ル伊勢谷町351 ヒューマンフォーラムビル2F


The second largest city in Japan, Osaka is a another must-visit if you are on holiday in this beautiful country. Osaka is home to many kid-friendly activities, so the little ones will really enjoy their time in this city.

Sights to See and Experience with Kids in Osaka, Japan:

  • Visit the majestic Osaka Castle.

  • Experience Kid’s Plaza in Osaka’s Kita District.

  • Play with the Sesame Street Gang, and hang with the Minions, at Universal Studio Osaka.

  • Explore Osaka Bay’s Tempozan Area, with great shopping, an Aquarium and a fun ferris wheel!

Best Vegan (or Vegetarian) Restaurant or Cafes in Osaka:

  • Green Earth - delicious vegetarian options in a relaxed setting: 〒541-0057 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Kitakyuhojimachi, 4 Chome−2−2 久宝ビル1F

  • Shizen Bar Paprika Shokudou Vegan - for simple but yummy vegan bento boxes and rice bowls: 〒550-0013 Osaka, Nishi Ward, Shinmachi, 1 Chome−9−9 アリビオ新町1F

  • Organic & Vegetarian Cafe Atl - range of vegetarian and vegan options in Osaka’s Chuo Ward: 〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 2 Chome−1−24 アーバ ネックス心斎橋ビル 2階

Planning, Packing and Preparing for our Japan Adventure:

Planning was our top choice for all our accomodation needs. was such an easy way to find and book our accomodation (including efficient communication directly with our hotels of choice to secure baby cribs/baby beds), it really took the stress out of planning our overseas adventure. If you’re looking to plan your next overseas (or interstate) stay, you’re welcome to use this code NIKZ0893 to save on your stay via!

Qantas Airways are a great choice for travelling families. Their staff are welcoming, friendly and provide a good service from booking through to arrival. If you are a vegan or vegetarian mummy or daddy you can even select your meal requirements ahead of time online to ensure your dietary preferences are catered for. Once you’re on board your flight, your meal will usually arrive early along with your child’s meal (which is a welcome treat for a hungry parent and child!). The flight to Japan is only a little over 10 hours from Melbourne, so it’s a good idea to use that time to sleep by booking a flight that travels overnight. Melbourne Airport features some neat play spaces for children, including a play area in Terminal 2 (International Departures) near Gate 15, to tire out those little legs before they get some rest. When travelling home, there are plenty of larger fun play spaces for kids at Narita Airport (our children particularly loved the play area in Terminal 2 on the 3rd Floor after passport control) - these play areas are a blessing for parents looking to tire out their little ones before boarding a long flight.

Japan is most easily accessible by train. Therefore, we highly recommend grabbing a Japan Rail (JR) Pass before you go, to help you to travel Japan with ease. The JR Pass gives you access to all of Japan Rail’s trainlines (aside from a couple of the Shinkansen lines). You can purchase a JR Pass for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. Children under 6 travel for free (however please note they are not entitled to their own seat, so if you are travelling on a crowded train they will need to sit in your lap for the duration of your journey). There are several websites that allow you to purchase your desired JR Pass and will mail it directly to your door. 

When planning the finer details for our trip to Japan we discovered a great blog by a fellow Mummy Blogger, Teni Wanda, who originally is from the States but now resides in Japan - the Baby Kaiju Blog. The Baby Kaiju blog is full of fantastic tips specifically on travelling Japan with a family - including toddler friendly eats in Japan and kid-friendly activities across Japan…well worth a read if you are soon to be travelling to this exciting destination!

The good ‘ol Lonely Planet guides are always a great way to plan your adventure too, and often come with handy maps embedded in the guide book. They even offer Kindle versions too, if you are planning to pack your Kindle for your travels.


My top travel items to pack when travelling with an infant or toddler include:

  • A few small toys - whilst little ones are very resilient and often easy to travel with, in my experience they do love having a few familiar toys from home to play with or to cuddle at night. Small is best - this way you can choose a few favourites to easily fit in your luggage.

  • Suitable clothes and a blanket for layering - When travelling to a different country (where you’re not 100% sure on how the weather will pan out) it goes without saying that it’s best to pack items of clothing that can easily be layered - both for yourself and your little ones (from long sleeve tops to pop on under t-shirts for extra warmth, to a lightweight rain jacket, sunhat and beanie, sunglasses and a blanket for the stroller). 

  • Snacks and/or Baby Food for the Plane - Snacks are a great distraction for your little ones when travelling on the plane (or train, or bus for that matter!) - so it’s a good idea to pack several options into your carry on luggage. It’s common knowledge that something to chew on and/or something to drink can also really help their ears on take off and landing (even more so if your little one is still breastfeeding or taking a bottle). Airlines don’t always provide meals for children under 2, so it’s also a good plan to have one of their favourite meals packed in eco-friendly resealable bags or airtight containers with you. 

  • Sleepsuits/Baby Crib Sheet - When travelling with my kids I’ve always packed a couple of sleep suits as well as a crib/baby bed sheet for my youngest. I find that it helps them to have that familiar smell when bedtime comes, and as most crib sizings are universal it is easy to slip your own crib sheets onto the hotel’s baby bed/crib.

  • Baby Carrier and Travel Pram - It’s always a good idea to make sure you pack a baby carrier and/or a travel pram when travelling with little ones. You will be doing so much exploring on foot - those little legs will need a good rest from time to time. A baby carrier or travel pram also allows for your baby to take naps in between your daily travels, so they are well-rested and happy on your journey.

  • Use packing dividers to make it easy to find the essentials - there’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel after a long day or night on the plane and forgetting where you’ve put the essentials in your suitcase! Packing dividers have changed my travel game! They have made it so much easier to separate my clothing, the kids clothing, toiletries, and to fit just that liiiittle bit more into the suitcase. They also allow for an easy unpacking/repacking experience when travelling from place to place.


My native language (English) isn’t necessarily wide spoken in Japan, so I found it very helpful to learn at least a few phrases in Japanese before embarking on my travels. The locals truely appreciate you attempting to speak the language - and I find that learning a new language is always a fun and exciting part of the overall travel experience. The basic hello (Konnichiwa), goodbye (Sayonara), thank you (Arigatogozaimas), excuse me (Sumimasen) are a place good start! There is also a Google Translate app that comes in very handy if you are looking at menus just in Japanese or you are wanting to purchase food or other products and aren’t sure of the ingredients. Simply download the app and place your phone’s camera in front of the text for easy translation (warning - sometimes it can give pretty funny results, but overall it is quite accurate!).

If any member of your family has allergies we recommend notifying the airline you are flying with, and also downloading and printing allergy translation cards. There are many websites with these handy cards available in many different languages, and for a wide variety of allergies too - just search google to find a suitable card for you or your family, or visit the website linked above. 

If your children are old enough, it can also help to discuss the trip with them in advance, showing them pictures of where you will be travelling, reading stories about the location(s) and getting them excited for the adventures ahead!

If you are travelling with your young family, and you do happen to run out of baby (or toddler) supplies while in Japan, never fear! There are multiple Babies R Us Stores within the major cities of Japan - yes that’s right at least at the time of publishing this article Babies R Us are still in operation across various cities in Japan (including Tokyo, Tokyo Bay, Kyoto and Osaka). If you are looking for a special gift or momento for your little ones there is also a great range of boutique baby wears stores in Tokyo including Kagure and Miki House.


Please note: this blog post contains affiliate links. This means that we receive a small commission if you purchase anything through these links, at no extra cost to you. At, we only ever link to products, events, stores and/or activities that we truly recommend. 

Thank you for reading, and Happy Travels!


Family Travel - Byron Bay with Kids

We recently returned from a fantastic family getaway to Northern NSW. It was full of great memories, awesome adventures, costal walks and seaside fun - just what we needed to escape the cold Melbourne winter! 

We ventured to Byron Bay, enjoying the scenery, viewing the stunning lighthouse and brunching at Three Blue Ducks restaurant at The Farm.  

We explored the quiet costal town of Kingscliff, trekking the seaside walking paths with the double pram, helping our toddler hunt for ‘treasure’, playing in the sand with baby and relishing in a much needed latte at the other end of the trail.  

And, we took a day trip to the Gold Coast checking out the views (and cafes!) at Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. 

Here were some of our top finds on our trip: 

Gold Coast 

Our trip began on the Gold Coast, with our family arriving at the Gold Coast airport to pick up a hire car. Hiring the car made it a breeze to get around and explore the coast with our two little ones as we had baby seats hired, installed and ready to go from Avis the moment we touched down. Also a dream was the double pram we hired from Hire For Baby, who were an absolute pleasure to deal with and even had the pram waiting for us in the boot of our hire car on arrival - too easy!

We left the Gold Coast and made our way down to NSW for the majority of our trip, however we did make a day trip back up to the GC and found a few great cafes along the way - the Cardamon Pod is my absolute fave cafe on the Gold Coast - I wish there was one in Melbourne, Brumbles Cafe in Surfers was lovely - they do a delicious salad and the coffee is stand out (right up there with Melbourne coffee snob standards!). Another must visit if you are in the market for dinner on the Gold Coast is Greenhouse Canteen for it’s amazing take on street food. 


The sleepy town of Kingscliff, in NSW, is a perfect stop on your seaside adventure, with it’s beautiful beaches, costal trails and great coffee. Our favourite spots to visit for brunch were Mockingbird Cafe for their amazing juices and delicious chia pudding, and Saltbean Expresso for their smoothies. Saltbean is located right opposite a great playground for your little ones to enjoy, and also right near the lovely Peppers accommodation and Salt Spa in Kingscliff.   

Byron Bay 

Heading to Byron Bay with kids presents a slightly different vibe than my formative years, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had! We all enjoyed the stunning views at the Byron Bay lighthouse. The Farm, home to the infamous Three Blue Ducks restaurant, was another massive hit with our little ones. As the name suggests it is in fact a working farm - with animals to see, vegetable crops to admire, a decent sized playground and lots of land to explore. The food at Three Blue Ducks was on point, with some great vegetarian options on offer - and they do a good cappuccino too. Santos Organics is also a must visit to stock up on some delicious organic produce for your trip. 

If you’re visiting this beautiful part of Australia with your little people I wish you a fantastic time! It sure is a beautiful part of the world. 


Family Getaways - Phillip Island

A fun-filled seaside adventure awaits you just a short trip from Melbourne. With plenty to see and do, Phillip Island is the perfect destination for families.

We share our top highlights and must-do’s when exploring Phillip Island with kids.  


There are many great AirBnB options to suit families of any size, so you can enjoy your stay on the Island with the comforts of home. Our pick is the centrally located ‘Seacluded’. The property, run by hosts Brendan and Ella, is located in a quiet court in the heart of Cowes, allowing you easy access to the towns cafes, restaurants and boutique shopping. Keen to eat in for a night of your stay too? This property is literally just around the corner from Coles supermarket, so you can pick up a quick meal - and also restock on necessities for baby. 


For the foodies you can’t go past Island Wholefoods. The buckwheat pancakes are perfect for brunch, coupled with a delicious smoothie - or a much needed coffee - this top menu pick will provide you with much needed fuel before you get on your way to one of the Island’s many attractions. Another must visit is the Cape Kitchen, offering stunning views of the seaside and equally stunning meals. 


There is so much to see and do on the Island - there are many attractions to suit the whole family such as the famous Penguin Parade, the Koala Conservation Centre and the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. For older kids there is the quirky Amaze ‘N Things, now with the daring SkyTrail - a short trip from the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. For the little ones, there is a neat little playground near the Cowes pier, and also a fun nautical themed playground in nearby Rhyll. A relaxing walk along the beach is also a must-do!

Phillip Island sure makes for an easy family getaway. 




Melbourne with Kids - Best Kid Friendly Cafes and Adventures in Melbourne

Melbourne has so much to offer families it’s hard to know where to begin, so let us help you start your journey by sharing some of our top picks for meal time, kid friendly fun activities and adventures. 

Top Picks for Child Friendly, Plant Friendly Cafes in Melbourne (and surrounds):

Top picks for fun family activities in Melbourne (and surrounds):

  • Visit the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

  • Explore the Melbourne Museum

  • Experience the Melbourne Sealife Aquarium

  • Partake in ArtPlay by the Yarra

  • Check out the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

  • Visit the Melbourne Zoo

  • Experience Collingwood Children’s Farm

  • Check out Scienceworks

Top picks for free family adventures in Melbourne:

  • Walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Jog around the tan with the pram

  • Stroll down Anzac Avenue (St Kilda Road)

  • Pay a visit to the Melbourne City Library

  • Walk along St Kilda pier with baby in the carrier

  • Explore Melbourne’s CBD by foot

Top playground picks in Melbourne (and surrounds):

  • Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

  • Ron Barassi Snr Park on Docklands Drive, Docklands

  • Royal Park Nature Play in Parkville (right near the Royal Children’s Hospital)

  • Middle Park Community Playground on Canterbury Road, Middle Park (Albert Park)

  • McNish Reserve on Court Street in Yarraville

  • Coburg Lake Reserve on Murray Road in Coburg North

  • Skinners Adventure Playground in Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

  • St Kilda Adventure Playground in Neptune Street, St Kilda

Want more cafes to choose from in Melbourne? Read about them here.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy our beautiful city! 


Family Getaways - Road Trip to Mornington

The bustling beach side town of Mornington is only an hours drive from Melbourne’s CBD. With plenty on offer for the family, it makes for a great destination for your next road trip. 

The playground at Mornington Park is the star attraction for families, offering little ones the chance to be a pirate for the day on a big wooden pirate ship. The large reserve nearby is the perfect place for a game of lawn soccer or a nice picnic. 

If picnics aren’t your style then the Burgers at Thanks Albert hit the spot for lunch - especially the aptly titled ‘No I Wasn’t Vegan - and YOMG do a delicious salted caramel frozen yoghurt that makes for a special treat for dessert. 

Mornington is a fun day out for the family filled with laughter, sunshine and fresh sea air.  

Where is your top pick for a quick family road trip?  


Family Travel - New Zealand with Baby

In February we embarked on a family holiday to New Zealand - and this was baby’s first time on a plane, and her first time overseas. 

We share our top recommendations for family friendly travel in New Zealand’s South Island... 

Our Top Travel Tips for Travel with Baby 

  • If it is baby’s first time overseas, organise the passport well in advance - and make sure all family members passports are still current!

  • Breastfeed your baby on takeoff and desend - it helps with the pressure in their ears, it worked for us so much so that our bubba fell asleep! Offering a bottle of formula (or some water if your baby is old enough) would work in the exact same way - fed and sleeping baby for the flight is a win win!

  • Pack hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes for the flight so you can wipe the area down and clean little hands before they eat - the last thing you want to deal with on your fun family holiday is illness

  • Bring on board a change of clothes and spare bibs for baby and a fresh top for yourself

  • Carry a couple of small books and small toys on the flight if you have the room, they are great for distractions

  • Pack one of baby’s comfort items to ease the transition to napping and sleeping in a different cot and unfamiliar environment

  • Try to plan activities and sightseeing around your baby’s routine if a routine is what they are used to

  • For Mum and Dad, invest in a local pre paid SIM card to pop in your phone, this will come in very handy in the event you get separated from a family member, experience an emergency when out and about or you need to access WiFi to find details of a local doctor. And don’t forget to pack your charger and an international power adapter or two!

Our top picks for baby friendly cafes in South Island NZ

  • Joe’s Garage in Christchurch

  • Water Drop in Christchurch

  • Fergburger in Queenstown

  • Bespoke Kitchen in Queenstown

  • The Spice Room in Wanaka

  • Maggie's Kitchen in Greymouth

Our top picks for family activities in South Island NZ

  • Hop on the gondola, stroll the bontanical parks or visit the fascinating Orana Wildlife Park or the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch

  • Stroll around historical Arrowtown, taking a visit to the Lakes District Museum, Dorothy Brown’s Cinema and the famous Remarkable Sweet Lolly Shop

  • Visit the Kiwi Bird Wildlife Park, take a Jurassic Safari of the Highlands or embark on a scenic family cruise in Queenstown

  • Stop by the Shantytown Heritage Park in Greymouth

  • Take in the view of the beautiful Lake Tekapo and visit nearby Mount Cook

  • Walk around the stunning lake Wanaka with baby in the ergo carrier or pram

  • Visit the UNESCO world heritage listed Fiordland National Park


Close by - check, stunning scenery - check, plenty of family friendly fun - check...New Zealand certainly is the perfect family friendly destination - especially for those travelling from Australia with baby for the first time! 

Family Getaways - Great Ocean Road with Baby

The Great Ocean Road is a fantastic option for a fun family road trip. Being so close to Melbourne, and a gorgeous scenic drive, it is a great choice for Victorian families and tourists alike. 

Your exact travel route depends on your final destination, and there are many relaxing and friendly towns to choose to visit along the way. From the bustling surf town of Torquay, to the quiet spot of Anglesea, to lovely Lorne. From the beautiful Otways to seaside Port Fairy, and historic Portland there's a stopover to please every member of the family.


If you're travelling from Melbourne, Torquay marks the start of your Great Ocean Road adventure. Why not stop and visit the famous Bells Beach, check out the Surf World Museum, pick up a new outfit from the many surf-store retailers, or head on a surf coast walk?! 

A perfect choice for breakfast as you pass through Torquay is Cafe Moby, open 6.30am - 4pm Monday through Sunday. There is plenty of space to enjoy your food as a family outdoors, with a play area for the little ones to burn off some energy before hopping back in the car. Lots of yummy vegan and gluten free options are on offer at this quaint cafe, and the coffee is great. 


Anglesea is located just 15 minutes west of Torquay. There are plenty of beautiful gardens and trails to explore on your journey. Anglesea Fruitz stocks organic breads and fresh local produce (including a yummy gluten free loaf and delicious pana chocolate), which makes it the perfect spot to stop for a mid morning snack. With plenty of fresh fruit and organic products to choose from you can grab something to please all the family, and enjoy your food by the waterfront. 

Airey's Inlet

It's not a trip down the great ocean road without a stop at the Split Point lighthouse. Did you know the lighthouse featured in the ABC's early 90's TV show 'Round The Twist'? The little ones will love a tour of the lighthouse. Half hour tours are on offer 7 days a week, beginning on the hour from 11am until 2pm, for around $40 for a family of four. There are plenty of trails in the area to enjoy a nice walk too.


Lorne is one of this mummy's favourite places to stay along the Great Ocean Road. The Mantra Lorne Resort is a nice spot to stay with your family, and it backs right onto the beach. There is an Endota Spa as part of the Mantra Lorne, so mummy can enjoy a nice massage while daddy takes the little ones to build sandcastles on the beach. Moons Licensed Expresso Bar is an excellent choice for lunch, with gluten free options.Alternatively, Bottle of Milk Cafe has plenty of vegan options.

Erskine Falls is a must see while in Lorne, being only 9km from the township. There are two lookouts to choose from, with the upper lookout being an easy few steps, but the lower lookout is a bit of a hike. After a long day exploring, Lorne Hotel is the perfect spot to visit for your family dinner. With relaxed bistro options, offering both gluten free and vegetarian meals, the Lorne Hotel has something for everyone. The kids zone at Lorne Hotel provides plenty of entertainment for your little ones.  

The Otways

The Great Otway National Park is stunning, and provides a variety of sight-seeing experiences, from coastlines and beaches to forests and lakes. There are many sections of walking trail for those looking to explore, or you can relax with a nice picnic to take in one of the many views.

Port Campbell

The Twelve Apostles are arguably the most famous landmark of the Great Ocean Road. Located in the Port Campbell National Park, these majestic views shouldn't be missed. 

Port Fairy

Port Fairy is a quaint historic fishing village, located 290km west of Melbourne. There's plenty of nice walking tracks, or you can just sit back and relax by the waterfront. The Famers Wife Harvest Cafe is the top choice for brunch when in Port Fairy. With vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options on the menu it is hard to decide from the delicious options on offer. For dinner, Coffin Sally serves the best pizzas on the coast.


Take in the beautiful historic architecture as you explore seaside Portland. Portland is one of Victoria's first settlement towns, and has many activities to choose from. If your little ones love the sea, lighthouses and ships, this is the place to visit - you may even spot a whale!