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Newborn Must Haves

My baby boy is now three months old, and although I think in ‘official terms’ that now makes him no longer a ‘newborn’ *wipes tears* he will always be my baby. Time to share my newborn “must haves” - a selection of the items I found I personally couldn’t do without during the first three months. 

Rattle and Toys

My little one is at that stage where he loves to grip rattles so I keep one in the nappy bag and one near the change table to encourage this skill. He also loves the noise they make and enjoys turning his head toward the sound.


Let’s face it, the first three months and beyond are messy for a baby (and for a mummy!). My little one has minor reflux so a good bib is never far out of reach in this household. For us, My Little Love Heart Bibs are the bibs of choice. Australian made with bamboo fibers, these bibs are soft and gentle for my newborn’s sensitive skin and by buying Australian made you are supporting local trade - win win. 

Swaddles and Sleep Bags

Swaddle wraps and sleeping bags help baby to sleep and keep them warm safely. Swaddles also come in very handy as burp cloths, and could even be used as make shift change mats in a pinch too. Our favourite sleep bags are from ErgoCocoon, these are made from organic cotton with super easy access for those middle of the night nappy changes. They also allow you to transition to ‘arms free’ once your baby has grown to this stage, so their range of sleep bags can grow with your little one.

Our favourite swaddles are from Aden and Anais - they are made with bamboo fibers so they are beautifully soft and gentle on baby’s skin. As a bonus, this company was founded by an Aussie and they have many gorgeous designs available.


With my youngest having eczema, Water Wipes are the wipes of choice in our household. As the name suggests they are made using purely water with a dash of essential oil (grapefruit), so they can be used from birth. No nasties on sensitive skin is always a good thing. You can also make your own version of ‘water wipes’ - keep an eye on the blog for more on that later. 


This mummy loves Moo Goo for her own beauty needs but we also use Moo Goo for baby too. My little one is at the stage where he has started to get cradle cap so Moo Goo Scalp Cream has been our cream of choice to help combat this. 


As much as we would love to do cloth diapers all the time, I find it somewhat impractical when we are on the go and also with a busy toddler. We have recently tried Eco Original Nappies and we love them - good for the environment and for baby’s bot! 


When baby is a little older they love sitting in their bouncer! Bouncers are a great way for baby to look out at their surroundings, chat to mummy while she finishes her breakfast and/or just have some fun between feeds and nap time! Our favourite bouncer is from BabyBjorn - and my tip would be to pick one in a neutral colour so you can use it for any brothers or sisters that may come along or you can lend to friends/a family member once baby has outgrown it.

Books for Baby

It’s never to early to start reading to baby. Reading to your baby helps immensely with language acquisition  and can also help with motor skills too - especially if you choose soft books with textures that baby can explore!

Baby Bath Products

Bathtime is a great opportunity to bond with your baby, for both mums and dads. You can chat to your baby, sing him/her songs and help them splash a little while you bathe them. We love the Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling Bath. We used it for our daughter when she was a baby, and now use it for our son. This bath gently cradles your baby and has two different ergonomic positions - so you can use it from newborn right up until 3/4 months (or possibly older if you have a small babe).

Baby Carrier

I’ve always loved using baby carriers. Look at countries around the word and how they nurture their babies - they keep them close and often use baby carriers when on the move. We use the ErgoBaby Performance Baby Carrier as we find it is great in all weather conditions and will withstand exercise and hikes with baby.

First Aid Products

One of the most used products for our newborn (and one that will no doubt be used time and time again throughout their childhoods) is our Cherubbaby Thermometer. Being able to take your newborn or childs’ temperature efficiently and easily helps you to monitor the overall health status of your child. This thermometer is the only one I would recommend to my friends and family - it is simple to use, gives temperature alerts, delivers readings fast and is hospital grade.

First Aid Training is also of upmost importance for any new parent, grandparent or carer. We completed a course with Tiny Hearts First Aid with our family when we were pregnant with our baby girl a few years ago, and we will also be attending a refresher course very soon. Tiny Hearts First Aid offer free training across Victoria, Australia, they stock child first aid kits in their online store and have some great online fact sheets and training resources - such as this video on YouTube.

What are your ‘must have’ newborn items?