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Recipe of the Quarter - Strawberry Chia Cup with Almond Yoghurt

It is evident that almond mylk has many benefits, especially for breastfeeding mums with it’s galactagogue properties, high calcium, magnesium, vitamin D levels and good mono saturated fats -  but have you ever tried almond yoghurt? We share our recipe for a delicious strawberry chia cup with almond yoghurt in our ‘recipe of the quarter’.

Making the Almond Yoghurt: 

To make the almond yoghurt bring 2 cups almond milk to the boil on the stove until warm. Set aside 1/2 cup of the warmed almond milk in a bowl to cool at room temperature. Meanwhile, poor the remaining milk into a baking dish and let cool gradually, until it is just warm to the touch. Then, add a yoghurt starter of your choice (we like bella + bella non-dairy yoghurt starter from iHerb) to the bowl of milk that was set aside earlier (tip: it must be cooled right down, otherwise it will get rid of the good bacteria in your starter!). Now, add this mix to your baking dish along with a tablespoon of maple syrup and whisk to combine. Cover the baking dish and place in your oven set to the lowest temperature. Leave for at least 8 hours (longer if possible, as the longer you leave it the more culture you get). 

Chia Cup Recipe: 

Combine your Almond Yoghurt with 3-4 tablespoons of whole chia seeds, and half a punnet of chopped strawberries in a glass jar. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, then serve and enjoy! 

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