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Toddler Must Have’s

Now that my little guy is a toddler, running around and playing happily, I thought I would share some of my essential items for my little busy bee!


Snack life is the best life! My toddlers are both snack happy, and love to have something to eat on the go (what toddler doesn’t?!). We love to use this super-cute elephant lunchbox from Boon and these stackable snack containers (perfect for the nappy bag or a backpack) to store our snacks when on our playground adventures.


It’s always exciting seeing your little one use their own cutlery and growing more independent around meal time as they enter their toddler years. We tend to favour bamboo dinnerware in our household, such as this set from Bobo and Boo.

Building Blocks

My toddlers both love to build towers, and my eldest likes building massive robots out of blocks too. We have a range of blocks at home (somehow they keep finding creative places to hide the pieces of the different sets!), but our favourite are these Wooden Blocks by Everearth.

Racing Cars

These racing cars provide so much fun! They are also a great way for your little ones to learn ‘cause and effect’. This bamboo Car Racer by Everearth makes a special gift for your toddler, it is finished with water-based non-toxic paints and is seriously built to last.


Puzzles are a great problem solving activity, and also a good way to learn about the overall theme of your pieces. For example - if you have an animal puzzle you can play “what sound does that animal make?”, if you have shape puzzles you can ask “what is that shape?” or “where does the triangle go?”, allowing your toddler to learn while problem solving and having fun!

Shape Sorter

The classic Shape Sorter is always a good toy to have in the collection. We love the Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorter it is very well-built, with lots of vibrant colours!

Outdoor Toys

We love spending time outside in the garden and in our play area. There’s a slide, cubby house and plenty of outdoor toys to enjoy! My little ones love digging in the dirt and enjoy using their Sandpit Toys to dig up the garden!

Chef Set Toys

This Chef Set, made from recycled plastics, is a great way to distract your little ones when you need to make dinner! They just love pretending to cook, just like mum or dad!

Bath Toys

According to my toddlers, you can never have too many bath toys! These Bath Cogs by Boon stick to your bathroom tiles and provide so much fun for your little ones during bath times!


We love reading books as part of our night-time routine, and usually read a few during the day too (as well as heading to our local StoryTime when we get the chance). Our favourites are the classic Little Golden Books, but we are also partial to anything featuring trains or cars.


My little one is in that in-between age where he is still too little to have any toys or blankets in the crib, so we still favour sleepsuits when it comes to our nighttime routine - such as these 100% cotton sleepsuits by Ergo.

What are your ‘must-have’ items for your toddler?

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Homemade Ice Lollies

With the heatwave continuing in Melbourne, I thought I’d share a recipe for our favourite treat to help keep our toddler cool. 

Apple, Mango and Banana Ice Lolly Treat 

Simply blend 1 roughly chopped apple, 1 banana, 1 roughly chopped mango and half a cup of water. Place mixture into NUK ‘Fresh Freeze Pop’ Ice lolly molds. Leave overnight in freezer. To serve; firstly run mold under warm water, release lolly from mold and provide to toddler (tip: make sure you have a bib for them as it can get messy!).

These ice lollies can also be used for little baby once they are onto solids - or you can even freeze breast milk in the molds instead, to help ensure they are getting all those natural nutrients. As a bonus, these treats don’t only work well in the summer, but they are great all year ‘round for when baby is teething too.

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